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Cake Smash Photography Sessions - we have a smashing good time!

Cake smash sessions are one of my absolute favorite types of photo sessions and I love helping my clients come up with inspiration and ideas for their session. The first thing I have clients do is ask themselves some questions.

  1. Do you want to match the birthday party theme?

  2. Do you want to match a room where you want to display the images?

  3. Do you want something very simple or more elaborate?

I suggest going on google or pinterest to spark inspiration. On pinterest you can create a board of what jumps out and inspires you and then share wiith me!


These are sessions that either match a party theme or just a fun theme that caught the parents eyes while browsing through cake smash photography photos. I work with a talented artist who can custom paint certain backdrops if we don't have it in stock - but most likely we will have at least one design of your theme in our studio selection! Here are some examples:


Some clients want their cake smash session backdrops to be more simple. Or they want to base their smash backdrop on certain colors. See below for some examples:

Whether you want something simple, or if you would like a full blown theme…we do it all! Please let me know if you have any questions! I would love to capture your baby for your next celebration!


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